This is the story of a young lantern lighter from the 1920’s who encounters the tallest lantern pole he has ever seen. Noah’s first attempts to climb the pole are more comical than successful. When he finally reaches the lantern, he realizes he has forgotten his matchbox, which is too big to fit in his pocket. Noah sticks the big matchbox under his hat and climbs the pole with an effortless ease, using nothing but pure arm strength. When he finally lights the lantern, Noah celebrates with an impossible-looking pole-spin: spiralling up and down with only his hands touching the pole, seemingly defying gravity. Then he climbs again “hopping” up the pole on just his shoulder, and performs a “can-can” dance from top to bottom, before realizing: The lantern has gone out! And just when you thought there was no other way to climb the pole, Noah has some amazing acrobatic tricks up his sleeve! Winner of the performing arts prize on ZDF, German National Television.

(7.5 minutes; Height: at least 3 m; Stage: at least 2x2 m)