Telefoon: Vertical theater at its best! Clowning and dance, slapstick and theater, acrobatics and juggling: all come together when nerdy Noah uses acrobatics and comedy to get a date!

Noah’s retro mobile phone is on a giant receiving mast so he won’t miss a single call. Reception is good, but it’s getting up there that is hard. Noah makes it look easy, and embeds his incredible Chinese Pole climbing in a delightfully funny acrobatic speed dating show!

Winner of the award "Best Acrobatic Act" at the 10th International Oranjeboom Street Theater Festival in Rotterdam, NL.

Heilbronner Stimme wrote: “Laughed yet today? No? Then go to the Doc and ask for Noah. Imported fresh from the USA. Drives off the deepest depressions and is good for your heart and eyes, too. The idea is simple, the equipment essential, and the comedy show is charmingly straight from the heart. Whether vertical, horizontal, or one-handed, this bubbly American comedy artist amazes one and all with his hair-raising climbing stunts on the giant metal pole. The acrobat hangs from a foot-loop at a dizzying height, floating in seventh heaven, and his rascally, mischievous charm and constant repartee with the audience are hilarious….”

The Aachen Newspaper: “Lucky were those who didn’t miss the next attraction: the cheeky New Yorker Noah Chorny—charmingly mischievous and irresistibly funny—Chorny’s side-splitting gags on the market square always came to a sudden stop when his private telephone, perched high on top of his acrobatic pole, started ringing. Simply marvellous, how this sinewy American cheerfully chattered his way up the steep path to the phone. The audience laughed and joined in whole-heartedly. A glorious entertainer!”

(About 35 minutes; Height: at least 3.5 m; Stage: 5x5 m )